Lily: You know the only way you're going to get out of this funk is to sit down and listen to what he has to say.
Rufus: I'm not ready yet.

Rufus: I'll make dinner tonight and we can hear all about your first day.
Lily: You don't want to go to the break fast at the Waldorf's?
Rufus: Not really in the mood.
Lily: Oh. Isn't that ironic. The state lifts my house arrest and you lock yourself up.

Blair: Thank you for keeping my secret.
Beatrice: What are sisters for.

Sophie: Alors. La nouvelle?
Blair: We're going to have a baby.
Eleanor: A baby?! You're still in college!
Blair: Mother.
Cyrus: How wonderful!
Eleanor: Wonderful? It's a— wonderful... surprise. What is the record for youngest grandmother on the Upper East Side? Cyrus, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to sundown without eating.
Sophie: I am thrilled without reservation! As long as the baby is born after you are married of course. The last thing this family needs is another bastard.

Cyrus: Well whatever it is, I'm just so thrilled that it's happening on Yom Kippur. And I hope the two of you will stay to break the fast with us. As I recall you're quite fond of smoked salmon.
Sophie: I am! And we would love to.

Cyrus: Ah, Princess Sophie! Beatrice. Welcome. So lovely to see you both again.
Eleanor: We couldn't be happier.
Princess Sophie: Cyrus. You are still a hugger, I hope.
Cyrus: Is a Northern spotted owl still a predator!

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Serena: Hey. Jane.
Jane: Did you lock up the film option for Dan's book yet.
Serena: No, I just finished reading it unfortunately.
Jane: Need I remind you this is your chance to make up for blowing the Daniel Day Lewis deal.
Serena: No reminder necessary. I'm on it.

Blair: I hope they take it well. Nothing matters more than our child being born into a big happy family.
Louis: Are you ready?

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