Dan: You should put a bell on.
Chuck: Kinky. I'll think about it.

Blair: Are those Tory Burch's last-season flats?
Girl: ... I got them on sale?

The Met steps are totally under construction.


Sound the trumpet, strumpets!

Gossip Girl

Google revenge and you get BlairWaldorf.com.


Dan: But... why?
Chuck: They anoint Amanda into their fold, she'll be bound by their laws. Namely she won't be allowed to date ex-boyfriends. Namely you.

Chuck: She's not coming. Amanda.
Dan: What are you talking about?
Chuck: She met some new friends, they extended an invitation to her for lunch. Hockey sticks were involved. You know how persuasive our girls can be.

Nate: You crash the party, and tell me to break it off with Catherine. Then you pull a 180 and tell me to stay with her. And then you just bolt. I mean, did I do something? Or... what happened?
Vanessa: I'm late.
Nate: Oh so that's it. We're not even friends now?
Vanessa: We were never really friends, Nate.

Vanessa: Nate? What are you doing here?
Nate: You haven't returned my phone calls.
Vanessa: I've ... been busy.

Serena: Blair? What is going on?
Blair: This is Amanda. She'll be joining us for lunch.
Serena: Blair.
Blair: It's for your own good, S. They were going to lunch together. Lunch! As in the meal before dating? Is that what you want, S?

Isabel: [to Amanda] We know. Dan Humphrey? Bad idea.
Blair: It could be hazardous to your health.

Blair: Hi! My name's Blair! You're new ...
Amanda: Hi, I'm Am-
Blair: Oh, that's not important. We'd like to invite you to lunch!

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You're about to see the real Serena.


This girl is Dan with boobs.