Looks like the chip on Vanessa's shoulder just went digital.

Gossip Girl

Hurry! There's a Bass on the loose and it's hungry. Actually, so am I.


Colin: I came to my senses and did what I should have done weeks ago. I called the dean and told her I am done teaching at Columbia. I even managed to find a replacement.
Blair: Just when I had written you off. Well not "just" ... I kind of wrote you off weeks ago. Sorry.

Serena: How do you feel about ballet?
Dan: Watching or performing?

If KGB can't get me to talk, Chuck Bass has no chance.


Blair: What are you doing here? Step any closer and I'll scream.
Chuck: You better believe you will. If we're going to end this we have to start the immersion therapy right away.
Blair: What are you talking about? This is a detox. We have to stay away from each other.
Chuck: Where's the fun in that?
Blair: Cleanses aren't fun, they're effective.

Serena: Separate flights?
Colin: We'll meet at the Pink Sands. Your room's under your name. I always book mine under Buffett.

Blair: Sex in the limo. We've literally come full circle.
Chuck: You're right. We need to do whatever we can to end this.
Blair: It may be difficult but it's the only way.

Blair: Serena. What are you doing on campus so early?
Serena: Watching you climb out of a brownstone vestibule with Chuck following like the Bass that ate the canary. And no denials — your skirt's on backwards.

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