Blair: And what about you and Ben? It must be very special for him spending Valentine's Day with someone other than his cellie.
Serena: We decided to sit it out too. We just started dating. It's too much pressure. Hey, why don't you and I have a Friends Valentine's Day? Manis, macaroons, massages?

Serena: I thought you reached out to Raina and told her that Chuck's feelings were real.
Blair: He needed to get back in her good graces and I knew exactly how to get him there. Chuck and I may some need time to forge our own paths before we risk a romantic rejoining, but we're still there for each other.

Serena: Are you sure you're not just burying yourself in work to avoid thinking about tomorrow?
Blair: Tomorrow? I don't even know what day today is. Last year, Chuck and I honored Valentine's Day by staging our very own Bacchanal. And no, there were no goats, if that's the look that just fluttered across your face.

Serena: Please don't tell me you're leaving already. Between classes at Columbia, your job at W, the only proof that I have you still exist is the faint trace of Chanel in the morning.
Blair: I am so sorry, S. But if I can turn this into a permanent job it'll knock six months off my two-year plan.

It's cold out there, but on the Upper East Side things are heating up. Because Valentine's Day is around the corner.

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One lonely Bass adrift at sea.

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Roses are red, hydrangeas are blue. Chuck's given his heart away ... But guess what, Blair? Not to you.

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This experience taught me one thing. I still got game.

The Captain

Wall Street didn't need a sequel. In theaters, or in my life.

The Captain
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