Serena: But what makes you think we'll win? You're not exactly a card shark?
Nate: Well, this one night Bree told me every one of P.J.'s tells. So you'll know exactly when to call his bluff.
Serena: Wait, what? Me?
Nate: Oh, yeah. You're gonna be playing.

[to posse] Enough! I am in no mood to hear you fawn over some girl with tacky accessories who lives to recycle.


Careful, V. Don't send out those invitations just yet. We hear another girl has her eyes on the prize.

Gossip Girl

[to Josh] Actually, Mr. Ellis, I'm here to help you. Simply put, Vanessa Abrams is a tired cliche from the 718. The preachy, I-hate-the-man talk she no doubt has in mind won't inspire the kind of donations the school needs. You need a speaker more like ... well, me.


P.J.: Nate Archibald. You lookin' for a game? Don't think we've got a seat for you.
Nate: I'm not here to play. She is.
Serena: Unless you're afraid of playing a girl.
P.J.: Buy-in's $25,000.
Serena: That's a lot of money.
Nate: So don't lose.
P.J.: Pull up a seat, darlin'.

P.J.: What are you thinkin' of playin' for?
Serena: How about Carter Baizen?
P.J.: Ah, I got it. You're Carter's girl. Well I got some bad news for ya. Carter's debt is a lot more than you're showin'.

Uh oh. Looks like Carter's going down to Texas, and Tripp's career's going up in smoke.

Gossip Girl

Chuck: She's a guy.
Who took my speech at the freshman dinner and gave it to Vanessa Abrams. He double crossed me, and I-
Chuck: Demand satisfaction.
Blair: You still up for it?
Chuck: [nods]
Blair: You wonderful man. I'll just go powder my nose for ... 10 minutes?
Chuck: I'll only need five.
[approaches Josh]
Josh: Can I help you?
Chuck: Oh, definitely.

Out, you cable-knit queen!

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