Serena: Most people's favorite pizza in Manhattan is John's, but I've always been partial to Joe's—
Cynthia: I'm lactose-intolerant.

Dorota: Your new secrecy, calmness with Mr. Chuck, supporting Miss Serena's new boyfriend. And last week I find NOVA documentary in your Netflix queue!
Blair: What are you doing in my queue?!
Dorota: You and Lonely Boy are having affair!

Dorota: Don't want to make you late to.... What exhibit is it again?
Blair: Joseph Beuys. Why?
Dorota: Maybe I could go with you.
Blair: You don't even know who he is!
Dorota: He created term "social sculpture" to illustrate idea of art's potential to transform society.
Blair: How do you know that?
Dorota: From Mr. Humphrey's New York magazine I found in your room!
Blair: Just what are you implying?

Rufus: Well for what it's worth, when Lily and I started hanging out again, neither of us wanted anyone else to know. But friendship can be an excuse—a cover when there's something more you don't want to admit, or you're too scared to explore.
Dan: No... no. No. I mean, there's no way. I mean even the thought of that is—
Rufus: Scary.
Dan: No, I mean we're not even friends. I swear... we're not.

Dan: You ever hung out with someone but not been able to tell anyone?
Rufus: You mean, ah, hang out, hang out or, you know... "hang out" hang out?
Dan: Oh god, this was a bad idea.
Rufus: What? That was vague.

Rufus: So why did you want to grab coffee with your old man?
Dan: Do I need a reason?
Rufus: No, but you have one.
Dan: I, ah, I need your advice. But I gotta keep the details vague.
Rufus: Please, the vaguer the better. It keeps parenting a challenge.

Lily: Someone who knows about Ben is trying to send a message.
Chuck: Subtle.

You were able to win over my family and my friends. I just want the same chance.


Ben: I'm sorry. I should have given you a heads up. She got here a few days ago. That's why I haven't been able to return your calls.
Serena: And here I thought I was being paranoid.

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