Chuck: I'd follow her if I were you.
Russell: No. He signs over the company right now or you're going to jail.
Lily: Maybe. But not because of you or anyone else. I called the DA ten minutes ago. Rufus is waiting in the car to take me downtown.

Chuck: I have guests downstairs.
Russell: And I have the final nail for your coffin. It's just a copy of course. Perjury, obstruction of justice. Bribery of public officials.
Chuck: Why don't we cut right to it.
Russell: That I can do. You sign over Bass Industries once and for all or I'll destroy you and your entire family. I'm surprised you even have to think it over.
Chuck: I wasn't thinking, I was waiting.
Russell: For what?
Raina: For me. He was right about you. This whole time. He was right.

Lily: Ben didn't steal the affidavit. You did.
Cynthia: Mr. Thorpe contacted me and said that if I could get Ben to turn on you then he could get Ben his life back. Of course he didn't listen, but it didn't matter. Because he'd already let it slip. About the affidavit.
Lily: Ben will never forgive you for what you've done.
Cynthia: Well as parents, sometimes we have to make those tough choices. After all, isn't that what you told yourself?

Ben: Do you know how many things I haven't told you about my time in prison? Things that I just want to forget?
Serena: Look, I know what you were going through. But to have someone attacked—
Ben: Do not tell me that you understand what I went through.

Serena, you should be careful. His sister made me think she was someone else too.


Raina: How many times do I have to tell you, he isn't like you.
Chuck: Maybe not yet. But if I'm right, he's about to cross the line. You can stop him, Raina. You can stop him, Raina. If you care about him, you'll do this.
Raina: I would never confront him based on your word alone.
Chuck: I'm not asking you to.

Dan: So we tell everyone tonight. Agreed?
Blair: Agreed. Oh, and only I get to joke about the hotel. Still too soon.

Blair: That way everyone will assume that some earth-shattering scandal is imminent, like...
Dan: You getting traded for a hotel.
Blair: Or you. Raising Georgina's baby by a Russian mobster.

Blair: God, I knew you'd be my social death, Humphrey. I just knew it.
Dan: No, you know what? It's going to be fine. We can make it fine. All we have to do is tell everyone we've been hanging out. It's not going to be a big deal unless we keep making it a big deal.
Blair: Which it totally isn't.

Dan: Did you come all the way to Brooklyn just to yell at me? 'Cause that's really not necessary.
Blair: Yes it is.

Chuck: I guess the old Archibald charm wasn't as rusty as you thought. Unlike the knife in my back.
Nate: I talked you up to her like you asked me to. She wanted nothing to do with you.
Chuck: Don't sugar coat it.
Nate: I like Raina. All right? And she likes me. I didn't mean for it to happen this way but it did. I'm sorry.

Why would a friendship based on fight suddenly end in flight? They say we only run from the things that truly scare us.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Rufus: We'll get through this.
Lily: You sound so sure I almost believe you.
Lawyer: They're ready for us.
Rufus: I'll be waiting.
Lawyer: Lily, this is Assistant District Attorney Vincent. He's going to be taking your statement.
ADA: Whenever you're ready, Mrs. Humphrey.

You didn't. (Pause) You did.