Ben: So it's true. The straight laced academic star became a dealer.
Damien: Guilty.
Ben: I remember that paper you wrote comparing The Wire to The Iliad. Did not intend for English comp to be an occupational training course.

Serena: B, I hear scheming in your voice. You cannot sabotage him.
Blair: Why not? I'm not going to treat him any better than all my other enemies just 'cause you sporadically love him.

Serena: B, I know you like to turn everything into a contest but surely Dan isn't your biggest competition at W.
Blair: All the other girls are variations on a theme. And that theme is slightly lesser versions of me. But Dan is a writer. He makes delicious coffee. Never mind the fact that he's not a completely horrible looking straight guy working at a fashion magazine. He's got the whole office buzzing.

Rufus: You said you were going to help find Ben an apartment, not pay him to disappear.
Eric: Mom paid someone off again. Well we should make this a drinking game.
Lily: Ben Donovan has information that can ruin this family. What's wrong with not wanting him around?

Seems Serena's getting frosty with her mother over an envelope of cold, hard cash. Looks like not everything or everyone's on sale this January.

Gossip Girl

Chuck: I just walked past your dad in a $2,000 suit.
Nate: It seems the Captain, who could barely get an interview for a custodial position, got a big executive position with the guy trying to buy your company.

Dan: Epperley asked me to pull the lemon Louis Vuittons.
Blair: Oh. You poor lost lamb. Let me help you.
Dan: I didn't date Serena van der Woodsen for two years to not come away knowing that those are Marc Jacobs and they're mustard.

Dan: We're interns. I may not know couture but I know how to collate.
Blair: And I know how to staple, so stay out of my way or I'll use one to attach your tongue to your shoulder blade.

Nothing says January like a brand new Cold War.

Gossip Girl

Epperley: Thousands of applications. These are the best of the best.
Blair: I'm the best of the best. I'm Blair Waldorf.
Epperley: Assuming that's your way of saying you're the most distinguished, ambitious student at your school, then they're all Blair Waldorfs.

Epperley: This is real life, not some Hollywood chick flick where an intern with a scrunchy gets a makeover and triumphs in the end.
Blair: I have never owned a scrunchy.
Epperley: I think I read that. On your resume.

Damien: I don't give anyone anything that they don't come looking for.
Serena: Okay, well then I guess you're only half responsible that I almost died.

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Blair: Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be. Just like your scarf suggests that you'd like to sell used cars.
Dan: Vanessa gave me this scarf.

Lily: I get Ben out on parole but Serena and Eric continue to treat me like I'm toxic.
Rufus: I know you did what you could, but Ben's still going to have a criminal record. Give them time.

Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 13 Music

  Song Artist
Song Lions in Cages Wolf Gang
Beat of my own song Beat of My Own Song Meme iTunes
Fire in your new shoes 1 Fire In Your New Shoes Kaskade iTunes