Lily: Where do you think your going?
Serena: I can't talk right now Mom, I'll explain later.
Lily: If you invite an old friend to our quiet family dinner, I expect you to stay and eat.

Spotted, Jenny Humphrey wading in the Met fountain fishing for change. Blair Waldorf seen dallying with an off-duty doorman at the Blarney Stone on a Monday night. It looks like the battle between the Queen B and Little J has moved from the streets to the blogs. Who's sending this debasing dish? I have a feeling.

Gossip Girl

Serena: Blair?
Blair: Serena, what are you doing here? It's late. Oh my God. What's happened? What's wrong? Talk to me.
Serena: I can't.
Blair: Of course you can.
Serena: No. No, B, this is the one thing I can't tell you. I can't tell anyone.
Blair: I'm not anyone, I'm me. You can tell me anything.
Serena: No I can't. Because then that would make you a part of it. And you can't be a part of this.
Blair: What are you talking about? You're starting to scare me. Hey, hey, hey. We're sisters. You're my family. What is you, is me. There's nothing you could ever say to make me let go. I love you. What is it?

But the worst thing the truth can do? Is when you finally tell it, it doesn't set you free... but locks you away, forever.

Gossip Girl

This just in, Asher Hornsby has been spotted locking lips before class but not with his girlfriend. Looks like gentlemen don't prefer blondes, Little J, they prefer other gentlemen. Is this just another round of blanks fired between B and Little J? I'm tired of being the bearer of bad grudges. This is the last item that goes to press without proof.

Gossip Girl

(as Sarah) Seriously, you and Dan are so sweet to adopt me, I'd be a mess without you guys... more of a mess than I already am.


Vanessa: Give her a break, Asher is her first love.
Dan: It's infatuation, it's not love.
Georgina: Yeah, but to a 15-year-old, girl, I mean, there really isn't much of a difference.

Serena: Oh, Sarah again, what is she, your new girlfriend?
Dan: Yeah, just kidding, but she's new in town, and she does want to meet you.

Dan: How are you always so right?
Serena: Its easy when you're always wrong.

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