Callie: I'm guessing the officer wasn't charged.
Malika: Are they ever? Those guys are straight up getting away with murder.

Callie: This is why I sent to law school so stuff like this can't happen.
Malika: Then why are you clerking for Judge Wilson? I looked him up. Nominated by George Bush, he's gotta be pretty far to the far right.
Callie: Well, I figured I could have a progressive influence on a Conservative judge.
Malika: You really believe you can make a difference?
Callie: I'm going to try.
Malika: Yeah, that's what we all gotta do. So. It's nice to feel like we gotta chance for once. Justice for Jamal's family.

Wilson doesn't have the time to wade through the Liberal opinion on this one, so just stick to the facts and legal precedent. You don't want to get fired from a clerkship on your second day, or ever. It can ruin your career, so maybe take my advice this time.


HR: Who do you think you are? It's your first week, and you have the nerve to bother the CEO of the company with some stupid app idea?
Mariana: No, I --
HR: Oh, you think you're special because you went to MIT? Well everyone here went to MIT, or Stanford, or Berkley. You're not special. Pull something like that again, and you're going to be unemployed.

Mariana: Why would Evan Speck tell me he was going to reach out and then sic HR on me? It was so humiliating in front of those bro-holes. I can't go back down there and face them. I - I have to quit.
Callie: I know how you feel. Judge Wilson pretty much humiliated me on this first day.
Mariana: Really? Why didn't you tell me?
Callie: It seemed like everything was going really great for you.
Mariana: So both our jobs suck.
Callie: But we can't quit. We're Adams - Fosters. We don't give up. We don't give in. We fight. And we have each other. We're not alone.

Rebecca: Tatum v. San Francisco. So, you're making the Liberal argument. You're making things harder on yourself.
Callie: Yup. It's kinda my thing.

Callie: You wanted to see me?
Wilson: You made a very passionate argument in your bench memo. I'm not impressed by passion, Callie. Why did you take this clerkship?
Callie: Because you're a highly regarded jurist, and I thought I could learn a lot from you.
Wilson: And maybe thought you might have a progressive influence on a conservative judge?
Callie: I wouldn't assume I could influence you, but I did think that you hired me because you want to hear from a more left-leaning clerk.
Wilson: Well let me disabuse you of one notion. I don't consider myself a conservative judge because I don't believe in judicial activism. My job is to apply the law, not to make it, which is why I rely on precedent and a neutral reading of the facts. I don't allow empathy to distort my judgment, and I have no use for clerks who do.

Rebecca: So?
Ben: Do you still have a job?
Callie: Yes, and I'm clerking the Jamal Thompson case.
Ben: Congratulations. Let me know if you need help.
Callie: I'm sorry. I don't know why he gave it to me.
Rebecca: I know why. You're the counter-clerk. He hired you to make the progressive argument so he was prepared to knock it down. It makes sense, especially for this case, but considering your liberal politics, I'm not sure this is a win for you.

Callie: I had sex with Gael.
Mariana: My Gael?
Callie: At the time, I didn't know he was the guy from work you were crushing on.
Mariana: Wait, so you had sex with him the night we moved in?
Callie: I couldn't sleep, and I came up here to get some air, and he was at the pool, and you said I needed to get laid, so. I'm really sorry.
Mariana: So, you really didn't know?
Callie: I didn't. That time.
Mariana: There was another time?
Callie: I had sex with him last night, but I told him that was it. I swear.
Mariana [after she and Callie see Gael making out with a mysterious guy through the window of his bedroom]: I forgive you.

Alice: Davia's a body-positive Instagram influencer.
Davia: I see these girls that I teach starving themselves. I used to be anorexic. And I want them to love their full figures and see that a healthy body doesn't have to be a skinny body.
Alice: Amen.

Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I thought the free toilet paper would be a nice perk. I had no idea how much people would overwipe. You wouldn't believe it. I hope you guys are eco-friendly.


Mariana: We're so lit.
Callie: We're pretty lit.
Both: We're straight up fire!