I'm a d-bag, okay? So I know when I see one. Just be careful.

Gregg [to Annie]

JT: I need your address.
Ruby: Don't you have it in your system?
JT: No. I need it for your school district.
Ruby: You can get your GED online.
JT: I majored in finance at MSU, bitch.

Sara: Did he do it?
Ruby: It's complicated.
Sara: Did he do what they said he did?
Ruby: Yes.
Sara: Then he should stay in jail.

Gregg: Look, uh, I wouldn't get too comfortable here.
Noah: What does that mean?
Gregg: Well, I just don't think she knows what she really wants.
Noah: Well, I think she knows what she doesn't want.

Beth: You know what would be so nice? Is if you gave me a break just once.
Rio: Rough week?
Beth: My husband took my children.
Rio: I know it's lonely at the top.

Stan: You know what I was thinking about? How you sat at my table and you pretended like we were the same.
Turner: Not so much, huh?
Stan: Not at all. Brother. Not at all.

Noah: Are you in love with your ex?
Annie: Kinda.
Noah: So do I even have a shot here?
Annie: Kinda. Are you mad?
Noah: Kinda.
Annie: Still like me?
Noah: Kinda.

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He left me. And he took my kids.


So. I love you, I mean obvs. Whatever you...it's not half as bad as I feel, okay? I'm as low as it gets. I'm disgusting. I'm sewage. You know how they drain it for fertilizer or whatever, I'm what they can't use. I'm the sewage so rancid they have to bury it a hundred miles in the earth and hope that no one ever finds it. I'm that garbage.

Ruby [to Beth]

Ruby: Will you go easy on her?
Agent Turner: No. But you will get to keep your husband.

Did you come to steal my baby like you stole my husband?

Nancy [to Annie]

Rio: They put your panties in his mouth?
Beth: Don't say panties.
Rio: Oh please don't tell me you call them underwear, don't be that lady.
Beth: None of this is funny.

Good Girls Quotes

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]

Ruby: So when you wanna do this?
Annie: Well I already bought three automatics and filed off the serial numbers. So, really, name a day.