Ruby [to teenage boy]- I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're too stupid to understand basic human decency. And how to treat anyone, especially service people with respect.
Tony- She doesn't mean that.
Ruby- No, I do. I am one sorry bitch.

Annie- Are people like pulling your pants down?
Sadie- They want to know what I am.

Rio- You get paid when you do a job. Did you do a job?
Beth- He left.
Rio- Then that's on you.

Beth- Two car seats, plus a booster seat. What's that going to set me back, like six hundred bucks?
Annie- Maybe he'll realize and bring em back.
Ruby- That's not how carjacking works.

Ruby [to Annie]- In the middle of rush hour traffic, you want to blow up a car?

Beth-No, I'm going to need to hear you say it.
Rio- We're good.

Beth- You guys, he said if we do this, he'll forget about the money. And we're done. It's over.
Ruby- What if we don't?
Beth- That didn't seem like an option.

Annie- Don't hold the wheel like that.
Beth- How am I holding it?
Annie- Like you already have the drugs up your butt.

Ruby: You are an incredible liar.
Annie: Right?
Beth: Thank you.

Annie: He knows about the store.
Beth: He was going to the cops.
Ruby: Does he know about the gang, too?
Annie: Hell no, that's way above his pay grade. He's like the definition of middle management.

Beth: Who do we know?
Annie: To rob?
Ruby: To ask for money, Annie!

Y'all are already getting charged for kidnapping. We mine as well ransom his ass, too.


Good Girls Quotes

Beth-No, I'm going to need to hear you say it.
Rio- We're good.

You're like a Stepford mom without a pulse.

Annie [to Beth]