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You're a punk who doesn't deserve to have Quinn as his girlfriend.


I'm about to projectile express myself all over your Hush Puppies.


[Ramps] are what I call lazy-makers. They discourage able-bodied students from getting proper exercise by using the stairs.


Maybe one of these days you'll find a way to create teachable moments without ruining my life.


We all know I'm more popular than Rachel, and I dress better than her.


I'm full of ennui.


You sing like a girl. In a good way.

Kurt's dad

Quinn: I don't care if my baby comes out with a mohawk, I will go to my grave swearing it's Finn's.
Puck: It would be pretty awesome if it came out with a mohawk.

You're irritating. But don't take that personally.

Artie [to Rachel]
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