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Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves.


I bring Finn a glass of warm milk every night, just in the hopes we may have a little lady chat.


Santana: I'm torn.
Brittany: I'm not. I'm Brittany.

The glee club together with the football team, it's like a double rainbow. A zombie double rainbow.


Brittany, here's a note for you. Hand-written and in crayon. From the human canon, saying how much it misses you.

Sue: This level of risk and danger makes me feel alive again.
Figgins: But the risk and danger isn't to you.
Sue: That's the best part.

Finn: We used to be best friends.
Puck: Before I got your girlfriend pregnant and made out with your other girlfriend.

I don't wanna die yet. At least not until One Tree Hill get canceled.


As offended as I am by their presence here, I won't let anything get in the way of a performance.

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