Hello Jackson, Ray Carroll. Got a couple minutes for a humble servant to plead his case?


Jessie: Why did you do that? Why did you lie about what really happened to Red?
Jackson: To protect you.

I think my fiance is going to give up her law career to be that kid's nanny.


Jackson: I'm not that kid you used to push around in Quitman anymore. You don't scare me.
Carroll: Oh, but I think I do, Jackie.

Jackson: He may look a little different, but he's still just a scared little kid.
Marina: Are you sure we're talking to the same guy?
Jackson: We need to humanize him. DA's gonna paint him as a monster, but that's not who he was when he went in. Juvie did that, Huntsville's gonna make him worse.

Jackson: Confession.
Shawn: Yeah.
Jackson: From a dead man. That makes it look like we coerced him into saying something. That ties us into his murder. Did you think about that?

Gil: Are you gonna leave me?
Jessie: What? No.
Gil: I took a man's life today. But I didn't go there to kill him. I just wanted answers, you know?

I'd set them on fire, shoot 'em in the face and go get a bag of tacos.


Air Martial [suffocating]: I can't breathe! I can't breathe!!
Terry [shoots him]: Now you can't breathe.

Marina, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. What's my Defcon Level here?


Gil: The guy Boots attacked was Daryl.
Jackson: Daryl from Quitman?

You don't get it. I'd rather die than have anyone know what happened to us.


Game of Silence Quotes

Jackson, Boots is our brother. He doesn't need just any lawyer. He needs you.


Gil: The guy Boots attacked was Daryl.
Jackson: Daryl from Quitman?