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Nothing in the universe can fracture Diamondium! Not even God 1 and God 2 put together!

Professor Farnsworth

Jumpin' Joe and Golly Jeeper I got one gigantic peeper.


Watch it ya stumble bums, you're booping my Betty.


I've got an ace up my hole!


Good news multiplayers!


Bite my 8-bit metal ass.


Leela: Hey Fry, I know something you could lay bare.
Fry: Leela! Shhh! I'm trying to listen to a Physics lecture.

Would it cheer you up if I punched Fry in the groin? Cause I'll do it, regardless.


Mighty merchandise robot!


You and I are enemies now!


Zoidberg, stop! We're too scared right now to enjoy the ceremony of your death.


I was born in prison and I'll die in prison.

Professor Farnsworth
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Futurama Season 8 Quotes

Wait, I found a loophole in the mortgage. If we actually pay it, we can keep the building!


Conrad: And we're out of business.
Professor: Good news, we're back in business! We've been hired to deliver an envelope.
Leela: It's crunch time, let's do this... Ugh, it's for you professor.