I can give you want you want, but I cannot give you what you need, not until I'm finished with him.


Don't worry. Who am I to screw over a Gecko? It wouldn't be good for business, right?


I am not here to convert you so do not convert me.


You are a missionary. You came down here to help the little brown people so it would look good on your application. Want to take a selfie?


So if you want to know which Gecko I am, I'm the dedicated one. I'm the one on a mission. I get to keep all the art on the train.


Richie: What's the rule?
Santánico: No eating civilians.

Richie: They got their own Lou Ferrigno.
Santánico: Their own que?

Listen to me very carefully, okay? He's dead. Even if he's alive, he's dead.


I feel like I would have been better off alone. I probably would have made a killing as Richie's knife throwing girl.


Kate: Stroll, that was the world you used. You said, "Kate, I'm going to stroll out of there like Paul Newman. You'll be waiting in the car, and then we'll drive away like we just got a free toaster."
Seth: I owe you a toaster.

I'm captivated by the show. Let me know if someone actually stops by to watch it.


He who dies with the most toys wins.


From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh boy, he's back to the turquoise. This guy's got a bolo collection like my uncle Eddie's video stash.


Not another stakeout, please.