I know what you're thinking. Wouldn't it be easier to just eat people?


Walter: Agent Lee is infected. We know for sure now!
Peter: And we're excited about that why?
Lincoln: He says I'm going to be fine, by the way.

Peter: You're a good guy.
Lincoln: Yeah. I'm a good guy.

Peter: Do you want to talk about it or should we just pretend like we already did? Olivia.
Lincoln: She's your Olivia. I get it. I mean I don't really get it, how she could suddenly become this other version of herself.

I like porcupines. It shows that God has a sense of humor!


Broyles asked me to take lead till she comes back, I hope you're OK with that.


You should get that. I think the 70s are calling.


Why should I expect that because you and I are back together that everything is going to be fine and that the world is going to live up to my every expectation?


Forty percent of all the information you provided is not correct. Which as far as the tenth floor is concerned means you are not the agent they licensed.

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