I understand, but this level of surveillance involves a lot of red tape. I'll cut through it.


Walter: Feel it Peter.
Peter: Oh really, can I?
Walter: He's dead, Peter, you can't hurt him.
Peter: Not really what I was concerned about.

Liv, I've been blown up before. This is nothing.


There are these people you come across. These bright, bright lights. They drift across life, effortlessly. Unforgettable. I'm not one of them.


I mean, your team may toil away in secret over there, but over here, you're heroes.


Alt-Lincoln: Oh, you mean Mantis.
Lincoln: Seriously? Your superhero is a flying insect?
Fauxlivia: Because nothing says badass like a flying bat?

You don't like Tyrone? I think it's a strong middle name.


If you're 60% of the Olivia Dunham that I knew, then you're still better than 90% of the agents that I've ever worked with. And a Fringe Division with Olivia Dunham is better than a Fringe Division without her.


You mean assuming that creating a human flying porcupine hybrid was not his end game.

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