There are these people you come across. These bright, bright lights. They drift across life, effortlessly. Unforgettable. I'm not one of them.


I mean, your team may toil away in secret over there, but over here, you're heroes.


Alt-Lincoln: Oh, you mean Mantis.
Lincoln: Seriously? Your superhero is a flying insect?
Fauxlivia: Because nothing says badass like a flying bat?

You don't like Tyrone? I think it's a strong middle name.


If you're 60% of the Olivia Dunham that I knew, then you're still better than 90% of the agents that I've ever worked with. And a Fringe Division with Olivia Dunham is better than a Fringe Division without her.


You mean assuming that creating a human flying porcupine hybrid was not his end game.


I know what you're thinking. Wouldn't it be easier to just eat people?


Walter: Agent Lee is infected. We know for sure now!
Peter: And we're excited about that why?
Lincoln: He says I'm going to be fine, by the way.

Peter: You're a good guy.
Lincoln: Yeah. I'm a good guy.

Peter: Do you want to talk about it or should we just pretend like we already did? Olivia.
Lincoln: She's your Olivia. I get it. I mean I don't really get it, how she could suddenly become this other version of herself.

I like porcupines. It shows that God has a sense of humor!


Broyles asked me to take lead till she comes back, I hope you're OK with that.


Fringe Season 4 Quotes

You're the closest thing I have to a mother, and I love you.


You know they did a study on sarcastic people, and they get more illnesses than other people. Something to do with negative energy.

Robert Danzig