Margaret: He is the father of my children!
Franklin: He is the father of many children. The way he treated you with all of those other women, dammit Margaret! Everything I have ever done was in your best interest.
Margaret: I have always done my best for you.
Franklin: Really? Then why didn't you make me CEO? You and Eric weren't ready. I know this business better than anyone, how it was built, how it was sustained, and yes, I know where bodies are buried. Now why was I passed over?
Margaret: You're not blood, Franklin.
Franklin: Well, there it is. Trust me, I knows I's the help. I am the only man who has ever loved you, but if you try to take me down for Eugene, I'll take your son with me.
Margaret: You get out! 
Franklin: Yessum.

Realtor: This is an open-minded school district.
Ginger: This house isn't for us.
Becky: I'm not a lesbian.

Margaret: I need to take it slow.
Franklin: Half a lifetime ain't slow enough?
Margaret: I'll come and find you at the fight. You'll wait for me?
Franklin: I've waited this long. But Margaret, don't be scared to be loved.

You're nauseous. You're overly tired. Rose, are you pregnant? 


Luke: How did Reverend Paul become your spiritual advisor?
Eugene: Paul and Becky were in our praise choir. Paul was talented, and he loved the attention, but he is really in the confession bracket. He would get secrets out of powerful men. Then he'd own them.
Luke: Maybe powerful men should have fewer secrets.

There must be some kind of mistake. Today is the first time I've seen Rose in maybe a year, but if I find the guy, I'll kick his ass for you.


Mark: I thought about your offer. Blackmail isn't really my jam.
Paul: That leaves me really no choice but to tell your sugar momma all about Mark. 
Mark: Mark can speak for himself.

Eric and I had to get married. I don't think he ever loved me anyway.


Becky: I'm so trapped. 
Ginger: Life shouldn't be about surrender. It should be about freedom. There are no rules.
Becky: Only consequences.

Margaret: Now everyone can leave, but not you. You promise?
Franklin: I promise. Margaret, what are we to each other, really?
Margaret: You know that answer. Everything. 

Franklin: We do this, it changes everything.
Margaret: I hope so.

Becky: I just got confused seeing you with a man that's all. 
Ginger: A person doesn't have to be just one thing, Becky. I am attracted to individuals -- men and women. And I let myself act on those impulses. I don't hold back, but you are married to my brother, so if you want to kiss me again, you might want to take that into consideration.

Filthy Rich Quotes

Eugene: Look how far we've come.
Margaret: Twenty-five years. All things are possible in Him.
Eugene: In you.
Margaret: In us. 
Rose: Oh, Lord.

Rot in hell.