Anne: Margaret what are you doing here?
Young Margaret: I guess I'm kinda sad. I'm the cook's daughter. I'll never have what those rich girls have.
Anne: Come with me... this was my dress when I first came out. Why should rich girls have all the fun?

Nothing is going to ruin my daughter's perfect wedding day. Not even her groom.


Margaret: You're fired.
Paul: You can't fire me. You need me. I leave, and my ministry follows.
Margaret: I forsake any who follow you. You're canceled, preacher.

Ginger: You know I know what it's like to grow up without a father in your life. Don't put her through that. I'm not saying go back to Eric. Just make room for him.
Becky: You should go home.
Ginger: I don't have a home. Never did. Just different walls and different rooves.
Becky: I feel bad for you, Ginger. I always have.
Ginger: Back at ya, girl.

You fought for my baby, and you put yourself in the ring, and I'll never forget that.


Margaret: He is the father of my children!
Franklin: He is the father of many children. The way he treated you with all of those other women, dammit Margaret! Everything I have ever done was in your best interest.
Margaret: I have always done my best for you.
Franklin: Really? Then why didn't you make me CEO? You and Eric weren't ready. I know this business better than anyone, how it was built, how it was sustained, and yes, I know where bodies are buried. Now why was I passed over?
Margaret: You're not blood, Franklin.
Franklin: Well, there it is. Trust me, I knows I's the help. I am the only man who has ever loved you, but if you try to take me down for Eugene, I'll take your son with me.
Margaret: You get out! 
Franklin: Yessum.

All my selfish concerns, my wants, my fears they don't matter anymore. She is everything.


Paul: Don't blame me. Don't blame me for what he did to you.
Becky: It's going to take me some time before I can fully trust you again but you're my family, Paul.

Rachel: I need you to look me in the eye and tell me I'm not a bad person.
Eric: Rachel, you're an angel. You're the only good person I've ever known.

Ginger: If I had been there, he'd still be alive.
Franklin: No he wouldn't. You'd both be dead.

Paul: You're not the witness, Hagamond. You're not the witness. You're my greatest sin.
Hagamond: You played your part well, Paul. Time to go home.

Ginger: Does she have a name?
Becky: I'm not ready to tell her who she is supposed to be yet. A name is the first thing that defines a person. It defines them forever without their consent. I want her to be free for as long as she possibly can.
Ginger: That's sweet.
Becky: You taught me how lovely it is to be free and dangerous.

Filthy Rich Quotes

Eugene: Look how far we've come.
Margaret: Twenty-five years. All things are possible in Him.
Eugene: In you.
Margaret: In us. 
Rose: Oh, Lord.

Rot in hell.