Strand: Nick, don't touch the button.
Nick: You mean the one that says "detonate"?

I'll keep on harvesting, as long as you keep paying.


Lola: You should be dead.
Daniel: Many times.

I'm not negotiating John, this is my suicide note.


Alicia: Are you testing my loyalty?
Proctor John: I'm testing your wisdom.

That horde did not materialize out of thin air. Every herd needs a shepherd.


Strand: You just need a little liquid imagination.
Madison: If you insist.
Strand: I do. I do insist.

Proctor John: You're a tough kid.
Alicia: You have no idea.

Fine, we'll wait and see what Daniel does when you show up to pay for water you don't need, with a dead daughter and empty hands!


Surviving is killing me.


Nick: This is crazy.
Alicia: I've seen crazy, this is kind of nice.

Why you gotta make trouble where there isn't any?


Fear the Walking Dead Quotes

The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.


Nick: There was blood all over her mouth, and then she came at me.
Travis: What did she do?
Nick: She was eating them. She was eating them.