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I don't understand why, if we're a galaxy far far away, we still have to change in Atlanta.


Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh Rule #1: No tax dodging Jedis in my pit!
Chris: Religion is tax exempt! Jedi's a religion!

Chris: A sister! Who is it?
Herbert: Who do you think it is? Who's the only goddamn woman in the galaxy?
Chris: Leia...

Peter: Hey, check it out! It's another chick! The only other chick in the galaxy!
Lois: I don't like her.

Mort: Am I the only one with a gold star on their uniform?
Klaus: It's just for record-keeping. Ok let's go!

Come by and apply for a Han job and I'll get you off and running! Other websites jerk you around and don't finish what they started but Han job will have you shooting for the stars!


By the way, I think you're about to start your period. That's how I found you.


Peter: Whoa, what the hell are these? Hamsters?
Quagmire: They're adorable!

Peter: Who braided your hair? Did the Ewoks braid your hair? So they use spears with wooden tips but understand the finer points of cosmetology?
Lois: I's not as good as Empire.

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