Holly: I am sorry Doug, I know how much this job meant to you.
Fargo: It did, but I know there is something else on the horizon.
Holly: Speaking of which. I've been asked to join a super-secret project for Dartma.
Fargo: Really? That's great, Where?
Holly: Well, that's kind of part of the secret, I think it travels a lot, but I get to pick my own team.
Fargo: I like to travel.
Holly: Good.

Jo: Fargo, get up. Eureka is about to be destroyed by a network of wormholes.
Fargo: Yeah tell me about it. But I convinced them to give us an extra day so we can salvage the situation.
Zoe: I think she meant actually wormholes.

Taggert: Get back here.
Jack: Outsmarted you again?
Taggert: His IQ is higher than yours, mate. He's a canine Houdini. Lend us a hand?
Jo: No, I am sorry Tag, we're kindda busy.
Jack: Yeah, aren't you the dog catcher?
Taggert: Biological Containment Specialist.
Jack: Right.

Parrish: Now if you will excuse me, it's quarter to Isaac time.
Jack: Wait? It's what?
Parrish: I am going to the GD spa for cucumber facial and seaweed body wrap. I have job interviews on Monday and I want to look as good as I feel, I've earned it.

Parrish: Sheriff, Ms. Lupo. Are you here to assist me with the move?
Jack: Actually we are here to see if you are trying to stop it.
Jo: When it comes to disgruntle employees, you're sort of top of the list.
Parrish: Oh on the contrary. I am fully gruntled. Global Dynamics hasn't appreciated my talents. Now that I am a free agent, the world is my oyster.

Jack: Not to interrupt, but WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?
Fargo: I think you may have been wormed-holed.
Jack: Wormholes are bad. What did you do?
Fargo: Nothing. I just activated my strong force amplifier.

Zane: How goes the packing Jo-Jo?
Jo: It's like herding cats.

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