Jamal: I'm on prep.
Cookie: What, prepping to die?

Cookie: There's nothing we can do.
Lucious: Who am I talking do to? Is this Lucious or is this Dwight?

I know it feels like you're probably not going to make it through this, but I promise you, son, you will.


The Lyon family management is going to be dead before it even starts.


Wait, this is it? This is the whole company? I didn’t come here to invest in no living room.


Get busy doing it because we got contracts to break and some money to make.


Dad put all of our asses on blast. I had a homeless person trying to give me a dollar when we were leaving.


Loretha: I want a title.
Cookie: Your title is recovering crack hoe.

Boy, get your ass down here.


What’s this gathering of the Witches of Eastwick for?


There have been rumors that the Lyon family is broke. Those ain't rumors, that's the God's honest Gospel.


The Lyons need to know how it feels to have one of their own put into the ground.

Unknown Voice

Empire Quotes

Don't you give me those evil eyes.


Cookie: Thirsty, find him.
Thirsty: We will. Stay strong, Cookie.