Blake: So, Hakeem got his own bus but not you?
Tiana: It’s only two hours. I’ll be okay.

Carlito: On tour, you got to try new things, taste new flavors.
Tiana: You’re disgusting.

How’s my neck? I can’t tell if I put in back on straight after Tiana bit it off.


You need to change your name to Hey, Bitch.


Tiana: Let me ask you a question?
Maya: Okay.
Tiana: If you’re Jamal’s assistant, why are you talking to me?

Giselle: What you looking at? Looks kind of juicy!
Cookie: Can I help your ass with summit?

You little dirty bitch. How could you do this again?


I need you to keep an even closer eye on Lucious for me.


I'm gonna help you fight Andre.


You're doing a lot of this. You need to do THIS.


Woman: Damon, what are you looking at?
Damon: Our future.

Every day, a new grenade blows up in my damn face.


Empire Quotes

Cookie: You better be glad I don't feel like no scene today, cuz I shut it down.
Lucious: You look nice.

Cookie's coming home.