Lucious: Why do you keep firing people at your staff meetings? What are you afraid of? I wonder what Steve Jobs would think of your bitch ass moves?
Kingsley: You know why I did that Lucious? Because I'm going to wipe you from the consciousness of an entire generation. I'm going to make you extinct.

You come to my house, you sit with my family at my table, was that to try to lull me to sleep or something?


I'm getting death threats, and that's bad enough, but today they threatened the kids, and that's off limits!


Lucious, I just got a call that he was in the hospital. Is that blood? Lucious, what did you do? What did you do?!


It never gets old, does it? Actually, it does.


Jamal: Wynter, what the hell are you doing here?
Wynter: Well, you convinced me to sign to your lovely little London label, making all sorts promises and then you run out on me.
Jamal: Okay, that's a little dramatic.

Kai: Hey babe, you got cash for the pizza guy?
Jamal: You ain't cooking?
Kai: Oh, you're confusing me with your wannabe chef ex-boyfriend.
Jamal: Oh, shady when he's hungry.

Kai: You are not my pizza -- oh my god.
Wynter: Hi lovey. How are you?
Jamal: Winter ... what the hell?

Giselle: Come in here. You hear this?
Becky: So dope.

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Kingsley: So, the three bland decrepits are a thing of the past. Please stop chasing yesterday.
Becky: Asa, are you serious? Are you not hearing what we hear?

If we don't get some more cash flowing through this brand new company, we lose everything.


You want a midnight snack? I'll bring the cookie, you bring the milk.


Empire Quotes

Don't you give me those evil eyes.


Cookie: Thirsty, find him.
Thirsty: We will. Stay strong, Cookie.