Rhonda: I have a question. Are you aware of the insane number of CEOs that are clinical psychopaths?
Anika: What is happening?

Cookie: What are you doing down there?
Lucious: Will you marry me?

Tiana: I'm pregnant.
Blake: Wow.

Will your new CEO pass a drug test?


Eddie's going to pin Shine's murder on me. I've decided I'm going to turn myself in.


Cookie: Juanita wasn't having it when Lucious brought all those chefs up in here cooking all those vegan meals all up in her kitchen.
Juanita: Yeah, you know it.

It's not too late to fix this thing.


Cookie: You said you wouldn't give up on me.
Renee: I am right now wanting to know you.

Renee: Come here.
Cookie: This is probably a mistake.
Renee: Lola, I have missed you pumpkin.

Hi, Mom.

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Lucious: The man's a pig.
Thirsty: Yeah, a pig who thinks he's got you.
Cookie: Well, what else we got?

Eddie made contact. He wants a payout, or he's going to show the documents to the board.


Empire Quotes

Umm, our company.


When a man like me says hear me out, you hear me out cause your life could depend on it.

Lucious [to Anika]