Kai: Hey babe, you got cash for the pizza guy?
Jamal: You ain't cooking?
Kai: Oh, you're confusing me with your wannabe chef ex-boyfriend.
Jamal: Oh, shady when he's hungry.

Kai: You are not my pizza -- oh my god.
Wynter: Hi lovey. How are you?
Jamal: Winter ... what the hell?

It never gets old, does it? Actually, it does.


Jamal: Wynter, what the hell are you doing here?
Wynter: Well, you convinced me to sign to your lovely little London label, making all sorts promises and then you run out on me.
Jamal: Okay, that's a little dramatic.

You want a midnight snack? I'll bring the cookie, you bring the milk.


Giselle: Come in here. You hear this?
Becky: So dope.

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If we don't get some more cash flowing through this brand new company, we lose everything.


Kingsley: So, the three bland decrepits are a thing of the past. Please stop chasing yesterday.
Becky: Asa, are you serious? Are you not hearing what we hear?

Jamal: I'm on prep.
Cookie: What, prepping to die?

Cookie: There's nothing we can do.
Lucious: Who am I talking do to? Is this Lucious or is this Dwight?

I know it feels like you're probably not going to make it through this, but I promise you, son, you will.


The Lyon family management is going to be dead before it even starts.