Giselle: Playtime is over, Cookie.
Cookie: Girl, bye!

He's the love of my life and it might be too late.


An attack on one is an attack on all of us.


Cookie, from the moment I saw you, I knew we were meant to be. You gave me Empire, you gave me our boys, you gave me life.

We do make a great team.


Cookie: When have we ever let someone put our backs against the wall?
Lucious: What you got in mind?

When I get back from this, I will remember who was in my corner and who wasn't.


Maya: I am so sorry I've been working on my new demo, Mrs. Lyon. You know, if you hopped on that, we'd have this generation's version of "We got something in common" on lock.
Hakeem: Yo, let me holler at this Real Housewife ... alone.

You gotta go, set things straight. Go see her.


We gotta find Andre.


Andre's long gone, momma. It's Kingsley.


Becky: Okay, right. This is one of the tracks that you're going to deliver to me by the end of the day?
Porsha: Depends.
Becky: I actually wasn't asking you, I want them by the end of the day.

Empire Quotes

I don't want you money. And as soon as I hear you're dead, I will take the first flight back, you hear me?

Camilla [to Lucious]

Jamal: I want for the Lyon family to work together.
Cookie: Is this a kumbaya moment?