There's a code. And the code says you can't take it back when the bullet leaves the gun.

Shyne [to Andre]

Wow. I'm not gonna lie. That kind of stirred up my feelings.

Lucious [to Cookie]

It's your future ex-mother-in-law. Some more mail came for you.

Leah [to Anika]

You were right, as you usually are. As soon as I heard his finished album, I knew that was our show.

Lucious [to Cookie]

Both of us made a bunch of sacrifices, baby. You did seventeen years for me. I did all that with Giuliana for you.

Lucious [to Cookie]

Everything I do is for the woman that I love, and my children. So,'s time for you to kick rocks.

Lucious [to Giuliana]

I'm not hiding anything I've been dancing around in my skivvies for days.

Leah [to Anika]

Women have a certain strength when it comes to stuff like that. We have to stay calm, even if we don't want to, for the sake of our children.

Cookie [to Hakeem]

She has no sort of power to get rid of you. You Cookie Lyon, Mom!

Jamal [to Cookie]

I'm worried about Jamal and his PTSD. But if I can live through bipolar, he can live through this.

Andre [to Shyne]

I'm not having an episode. I put steel in the skull of your enemy!

Leah [to Lucious]

You're the one who wanted to have this little sisterhood of the traveling attitude on the road!

Thirsty [to Cookie]

Empire Quotes

Cookie's coming home.


I started selling drugs when I was 9 years old in Philadelphia. I did it to feed myself. But it was the music that played in my head that kept me alive when I thought I was going to get shot. And it was the melodies that I dreamt about that keep me warm when I was sleeping in the streets.