Cookie: Juanita wasn't having it when Lucious brought all those chefs up in here cooking all those vegan meals all up in her kitchen.
Juanita: Yeah, you know it.

It's not too late to fix this thing.


Cookie: You said you wouldn't give up on me.
Renee: I am right now wanting to know you.

Renee: Come here.
Cookie: This is probably a mistake.
Renee: Lola, I have missed you pumpkin.

Hi, Mom.

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Lucious: The man's a pig.
Thirsty: Yeah, a pig who thinks he's got you.
Cookie: Well, what else we got?

Eddie made contact. He wants a payout, or he's going to show the documents to the board.


You know, it's funny, they remind me of you and me back in the day when we were battling for the mic.


Lucious: Good morning, beautiful.
Cookie: Good morning, what is this?
Lucious: Breakfast for my love.
Cookie: That's good.

We're going to get rid of Eddie, together.


Lucious: Rest!
Cookie: Okay, bye-bye.

Lucious: What are you doing next to my wife's bed?
Thirsty: Come on, boss. I was just checking out the duvet.

Empire Quotes

Cookie: Thirsty, find him.
Thirsty: We will. Stay strong, Cookie.

When a family is in crisis, they come together.