I miss you.


Cookie: Did you sign the divorce papers yet?
Lucious: I told you...
Cookie: Ya-ya-ya, you having a heart attack stupid?

Yana: My daddy? What does my daddy have to do with this?
Cookie: You have no idea.

I swear to go, Lucious. If I'm not going to be your ex-wife, I will be your widow.


My biggest regret is not using a condom 37 years ago, you crackhead.


You can't ignore the fact that Teri's on to us. Is she going to be a problem?


Lucious: You want a divorce?
Cookie: It's time. It's time, Lucious.

Cookie: Cookie looks up from the sink as she dries a dish as she stares adoringly at her man. Lucious, you ain't even put out an album and you're already the best there ever was. Seriously?
Lucious: Look, I was just trying to make her softer. You know, nice.
Cookie: Well, it didn't work.

Can't you hear it? Westside hustler is code for Lucious.


Cookie: You gonna pass this off to our fans as truth?
Lucious: It is true. Look, you and me, we ain't been on the same page for a while now. That script just needs a couple of tweaks.
Cookie: Couple of tweaks? This here took me out.

The drama that is Lucious follows me everywhere.


You and I, we were destined to find each other.


Empire Quotes

Cookie's coming home.


I started selling drugs when I was 9 years old in Philadelphia. I did it to feed myself. But it was the music that played in my head that kept me alive when I thought I was going to get shot. And it was the melodies that I dreamt about that keep me warm when I was sleeping in the streets.