Who knows? Maybe we'll find a creepy shack with the door off its hinges.

Sherlock [to Marcus]

I hate that expression. The least one can do is always nothing.

Sherlock [to Joan]

I know Kevlar isn't a breathable fabric, but if you could stop adjusting yourself, that would be great.

Sherlock [to Jason]

You do whatever you have to, whatever it takes, to keep Abigail safe.

Oden [to Joan and Sherlock]

Jason: I get at least one death threat a quarter, two or three if we kick off a merger that leads to labor-force contractions.
Sherlock: You mean when you cost thousands of people their jobs?

Somebody should have told this idiot there are simpler ways to kill a man.


Oden: You can call me Oden. My friends do.
Sherlock: I haven't decided if we're going to be friends.

Try not to burn the house down.

Joan [to Sherlock]

Oden: Leonardo da Vinci said it best: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Jason: You know, in my line of work, we try to minimize risk and exposure.
Joan: That's exactly why we're here, to get the guy who wants to kill you off the street and minimize your risk.

Did anyone ever tell you two your bedside manner sucks?

Jason [to Sherlock and Joan]

One shot? All guns should be Remington Derringers.

Joan [to Marcus]

Elementary Quotes

I often wonder if I should have been born at another time. My senses are unusually, some might say unnaturally keen, and ours is an era of distraction. It's a punishing drumbeat of constant input. It follows us into our homes and into our beds. It seeps into our... Into our souls, for want of a better word. For a long time, there was only one solution for my raw nerve endings and that was copious drug use. In my less productive moments, I'm given to wonder.... If I had just been born when it was a little quieter out there, would I have even become an addict in the first place? Might I have been more focused? A more fully realized person?


Joan: Look. I think it's nice that he wants to help, but you know we can't go back to the Department. It's not possible.
Sherlock: Neither was war in the Falklands, but the old man tends to get what he wants.