It's not complicated. I've made a long journey to ask a short question. Will you marry me?

Lord Gillingham

Bates: Kiss me. Please. Or tell me what's happened. One or the other.
Anna: Don't bully me.
Bates: Anna, you're upset. You're unhappy and I don't know why. You say it's not me and I hope that's true, but there is a reason and I need to find out what it is. I won't press you now if it makes things worse, but in the end, I will find out.

Maybe it's best if he goes. Sometimes you can spend too much time on a one-sided love.

Mrs. Patmore

Mrs. Hughes: But the poor man's heart is breaking for not knowing.
Anna: Better a broken heart than a broken neck.

Edna: Don't worry, if it happens, I mean to make a go of it, being you're wife. I won't hold you back. You won't have any regrets.
Tom: I'm already full of regrets. There is nothing but regret in me.

Edna: And don't say I'm not good enough. If you were good enough for Lady Sybil Crawley, then I'm good enough for you.
Tom: Don't speak her name!

Papa, you're always saying how we're not the owners of Downton, but the caretakers. Very well, now let's take care of it.


I'll never love again as I love you in this moment, and I must have something to remember.


Bates: I wonder what she's doing. Maybe she's fallen asleep.
Mrs. Hughes: She won't get much sleep up here, that's for sure.

Sometimes I don’t know who I’m mourning for -- Matthew or the person I used to be before I was with him.


Robert: I doubt it will change my mind.
Mary: I'm glad you only doubt it. I must be making some progress.

Carson: I've arranged for Dame Melba's accompaniests to sleep with the male servants.
Robert: Well I doubt they would expect to sleep with the female ones.

Downton Abbey Season 4 Quotes

Tom: She loved him very much.
Robert: And the price of great love is great misery when one of you dies.
Tom: I know that.
Robert: Of course you do. I’m very sorry.

But bein’ a nanny. You’re not one of the family, but you’re not one of us either.