What sort of menage has that turned into while I was away?


Do you know, when you brought up that basket, I was so proud of you, I felt like cryin' out. If you were my own daughter, I couldn't be prouder.

Mrs. Patmore

Gah. What a relief to be able to have a drink in public. Down with prohibition!


Isobel: I'm a feeble substitute for the entire Crowley family.
Violet: Hmmm. Yes, but you're better than nothing.
Isobel: How warming you make that sound.

I'll ask Mrs. Patmore for some refreshment for the village people.

Mrs. Hughes

Molesley: I thought I'd make some coffee, would you like a cup?
Baxter: No thank you.
Molesley: It's just a cup of coffee, you won't have to surrender any of your independence.

Blimey. He puts a lot in a letter does Alfred.

Mrs. Patmore

Blake: By the time we got back, we looked like we had been wrestling in mud.
Gillingham: And had you?
Mary: No. We had to leave something for another time.

Blake: I don't deserve such attention.
Mary: You certainly do. You saved our bacon. Quite literally.

I am killing the wanted child of the man I am in love with and you're asking if I've thought about it?


So I'd be welcome in your drawing room, would I? Have you met my niece and her charming bastard?


Robert: Don't be vulgar. What do you know of such matters?
Mary: I've been married. I know everything.

Downton Abbey Season 4 Quotes

Tom: She loved him very much.
Robert: And the price of great love is great misery when one of you dies.
Tom: I know that.
Robert: Of course you do. I’m very sorry.

But bein’ a nanny. You’re not one of the family, but you’re not one of us either.