Vic: How are you still here?
Doctor Cowboy: Well, I reckon it's on account of me being in your imagination

Well, grandpop is off to see my baby girl do that thing that is usually the biggest mistake of people's lives.


Cliff: So that's it? Chief wins? Again?
Vic: This isn't about The Chief. It's about Dorothy.
Cliff: And, for me, it's about Clara. I have a daughter too. He's responsible for the life he fucked up. I'm responsible for the life I fucked up. I'm going to repair mine.

What's going on here? I assume you're going to, what, attack me? Try to rip me limb from limb? I feel I should warn you I have certain abilities now, abilities I didn't possess as a child. Stretchy abilities. Blobby abilities. They're really quite something.


Cliff: Clara's getting married and somehow, for the grace of sweet baby Jesus, I scored a ticket!
Larry: And you're going to wear a t-shirt. Which will be fine. I mean, everyone will be looking at the bride anyway.
Cliff: I'm having a hard time picking one out. I'm going for the most clean and least offensive.

Everyone gets their heart broken. I had mine broken at least sixteen times by the time I was your age. There's no superhuman strength that can save you from heartache.


Miranda: Does this work on other girls?
John: Is it working on you?

Cliff: I want to see my daughter get married!
Miranda: If it's the end of the world, there won't be a wedding.
Cliff: If it's the end of the world, I deserve to spend it with my family.

You're like a cat, you know that? Mysterious. Can't tell if you want someone for petting or for scratching.


Dorothy: Concentrate, you have to concentrate.
Candlemaker: The time for concentration is over, girl. I am here... and so are your friends.

Vic: I want some advice.
Cowboy Doctor: No, sirree. That's what your dad's for. Advice, critiques, judgment. No, you made me for affirmation.
Vic: That's not true.
Cowboy Doctor: Sure it is. Whatever you do, I'm here to pat you on the back and say 'Yee-ha!' so ... yee-ha, Vic! You let a killer go loose. But hey, if you're okay with it, so am I.

Cliff: Jesus?
Jesus: Hey Cliffy, you piece of shit.
Cliff: What the fuck? You were my imaginary friend for like HALF a summer at bible camp.
Jesus: Yeah, then you forsook my ass.
Cliff: Wait, Jesus. I come in peace. Maybe we can talk this out?
Jesus: You think I give a french-fried titty fuck about anything you have to say now, Cliff? I'm here to end you.

Doom Patrol Quotes

Show's over, Chief. You're not my friend. You're just a scientist who did fucked up things to a broken girl.


With sunrise, another day begins. So let's be ready for today. No wicked words, no teeth, no claws. Only fun and laughs and play. Well, of course we can! But first, we have to say good morning to all our new friends, don't we? You haven't forgotten them, silly. You can't have! Oh, you're being ridiculous. Alright, alright.