Ryan: We have to help out.
King James: Yes, yes. We must confront those agents of Satan even in the face of witchery and...
Yaz: Aw, mate, seriously? Not witches! Bodies possessed by alien mud!

There's more powerful people here than kings and queens. There's us. Together.


King James: She truly is a powerful witch.
The Doctor: No, sire. I am no witch. I'm just good at holding my breath and getting out of chains thanks to a very wet weekend with Houdini.

Savage: Do you know why the ducking stool was invented, Doctor? To silence foolish women who talk too much.
The Doctor: Yeah, I did know that, which is daft because talking's brilliant.

I could show you everything if you stop being afraid of what you don't understand.

The Doctor

King James: Who are you? How do you know these things?
The Doctor: I know because we're all the same. We want certainty, security. To believe that people are evil or heroic but that's not how people are. You want to know the secrets of existence? Start with the mysteries of the heart.

King James: I wish to know all the secrets of existence.
The Doctor: Don't we all? But true knowledge has to be earned.

And why today? Because this is my problem. I can buy that this is the biggest ever witchhunt in England. Or, I can buy that it is an alien mud invasion. But both on the same day? I can't buy that!

The Doctor

King James: My father died when I was a baby.
Ryan: I feel ya. I lost me mum and me nan.
King James: My father was murdered by my mother who was then imprisoned and beheaded.
Ryan: Okay, that's worse.

[This hat] belonged to my first Witchfinder General, Scotty, who saved my life in barracks then later betrayed me so I had him shot.

King James

Ryan: I bet you have all the best kit, your Majesty.
King James: I have a great many artifacts. Torture implements. Charms. And a wide selection of body parts.

Becka wasn't kidding. These are hard times for women. If we aren't being drowned, we're being patronized to death.

The Doctor

Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

King James: And these are your underlings?
Graham: It's a very flat team structure. We all have our area of expertise.

Savage: As King James has written in his new Bible,'Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.'
The Doctor: In the Old Testament. There's a twist in the sequel. 'Love thy neighbor.'