That's the scary part. You got a lotta work aheada ya. Unless you want to beg me to take my job back. That's alright. I'm as done with me here as you are.


Emma: It looks like my father was right all along. It's all about the water.
Margrove: Your father?
Emma: Did I leave that part out?

Margrove: The Armageddon Protocol. The end of their world, the beginning of ours.
Emma: Thank you Peter Connelly.

Margrove: Look, I may be an opportunist...
Peter: And an asshole.
Margrove: Granted, but I'm not crazy. And if that mosque comes down it will be World War III up there. Armageddon. The end of everything.

Great! The fate of the world comes down to a lunatic.


Faye: The FBI knows we're here.
Tad: That changes nothing. Two days from now the FBI won't exist. Nothing in this world will exist. Keep our eyes on the prize. First Jehoshaphat, then Armageddon.

Lynn: Waddya mean she kissed his hand?
Peter: Oh yeah, like he was the Pope or somethin'. I gotta go.

Debbie: It's been a very long week for us, Josh. The lord has been testing us. Looking up at those stars, all I see is beauty reflected back in all of creation. I can't help but see a message. A message that we're on the right path. A path of righteousness.
Joshua: [makes a call] It's done. Will you come get me?

Now that we know I'm not the big bad wolf, who is?


Peter: Try and look for anything, uh...
Emma: Sane?
Peter: Significant.

It doesn't feel good does it? Somebody who could save you, but decides to let you die, instead? Open your eyes. This place is rigged to burn. Get out while you can.


Peter: My daughter had red hair. You look like her. That's why they chose you. She passed away.
Emma: I'm so sorry.

DIG Quotes

Peter: Stop honking! It's just noise. You're just making noise. That's all it is.
Golan: It calms my nerves. Give it a try.
Peter: Nobody in this country has any goddamned patience.
Golan: Patience. That must be what they taught you in the seminary. What? You think you Americans are the only ones spying on your allies? They're not that different, I mean the priesthood and the FBI. Both have rules, uniforms, oaths of allegiance. The thing I don't get though is three years in the seminary, just days before you get your collar and boom [whistles], you drop out. Probably an interesting story in there somewhere.
Peter: Just drive.

Pastor Billingham: It is of great importance that we know now what is in your heart, Debbie, so I'm asking you. Are you still with us?
Debbie: [mumbles] Yes. [louder] Yes, I'm still with you.