Mike: Hey, you got a minute? I need your help with something.
Susan: (holding her groceries) Ahm, I should probably get these inside.
Mike: Please, I- I need to ask you about a movie. ...And so, the last part I remember, the girl is putting these raw pancakes in front of him and then something else funny happened. (Susan is smiling) . I don't remember, it was just a stupid chick flick.
Susan: Mike, it wasn't a movie, that was us.
Mike: What?
Susan: Yeah, ahm, that was the first night we spent together. I wanted to surprise you.
Mike: With raw pancakes?
Mike: They weren't all raw. I was trying to spell MIKE and the M was goopy but the IKE was delicious, you loved it.
Mike: I did, huh?
Susan: Actually no, it was gross. You were really sweet, you just gave me a lot of kisses and said not to worry, I'd get a lot of chances to make you pancakes cause-
Mike: Cause I was planning on spending the rest of my mornings with you.
Susan: You remember.
Mike: Yeah.

(to Tom on the phone) I know, you're still mad, I am too, so why don't you come home, we can be mad together.


Tom: What about my sex? I always get sex on our anniversary.
Lynette: We can still have sex, just try not to wake me.

Nurse: Again, sorry for the mix up. If you could just sign right here.
Mike: (looking at the engagement ring that was in his things) I don't remember this. You sure that's mine?
Nurse: It was on you the night you were admitted.
Mike: I got hit by a car, I don't remember anything about that night.
Nurse: Well it looks like you were going to propose to someone. (reading the inscription on the ring) Susan, be mine forever, Mike. Does that ring a bell?
Mike: Sure does.

Mike: (referencing the night Monique was killed) What do you think the police would say if they knew you were there that night?
Orson: What do you think they would say if they knew you threw me off a roof?

Tom: Hey, you've got a cousin in the limo business, don't you?
Carlos: Actually, I've got a cousin in the limo as a front for prostitution business.

(narrating) This is my friend Tom. Have you heard what he's been up to lately? The silly bastard opened up his own pizza place. He thought that if he was his own boss, he could sleep in as late as he wanted, but the problem with that logic is that married guys... are never their own boss.


(narrating) Take a drive down any street in suburbia. Know what you're gonna see? Desperate women. That's right.. one unhappy housewife after another, each completely miserable.. in her own unique way. But I don't want to talk about them. No, I want to talk about their men and what happens to a guy when that special lady in his life starts to lose it. Like my friend Carlos. He used to have it all.. hot wife, tons of dough, then bam! She gets a divorce, and he gets stuck with the bill. But does he sit around and complain like your average hausfrau? No, Sir. He finds creative ways to get what you can out of life.


(narrating) My name is Rex Van De Kamp. I always hated cemeteries when I was alive. Now that I'm dead, I like 'em even less. Here's where I used to live.. a whole lot nicer, don't you think? The place hasn't changed much since I left.. as tasteful and tidy as ever. Everything perfect.. at least on the surface. My family was the same way. Look at us. You'd never guess how ticked off we all were the day this was taken, but that was the thing about us Van De Kamps. To really fit in, you had to have a smile that gave away nothing. Like my son Andrew.. to look at him, you'd never know he spent six months on the streets supporting himself with panhandling and light prostitution. Or my daughter Danielle.. does she look like the kind of girl who'd seduce her middle-aged history teacher? I mean, they're my kids, and I love 'em, but I'm pretty darn relieved to be dead. Here's the clown Bree replaced me with.. Orson. I don't mind saying, he's creeped me out right from the get-go. To me, he always has the shifty look of a guy who knows where the bodies are buried.. and he should know. He buried them. But Bree thinks he's Sir Galahad. The kids like him. And all my friends.. now, his friends. So it pleases me to know that at least one of my old neighbors sees right through the guy.


Orson: The hotel number is on the fridge in case there's a problem.
Andrew: Actually, we kind of already have a problem.
Orson: I'm already late for my flight, can this problem wait a few weeks till we're back?
Andrew: Yes, it can wait a few weeks. I mean, heck, this can wait... nine months.
Orson: (looks at Danielle, who looks worried)Oh, Lord.

Rex: (narrating) Take a drive down any street in suburbia. Know what you're gonna see? A bunch of guys wearing the same expression. It's a look that says: Oh, crap. My dreams are never gonna come true. I'll never have a life free from scandal. I'll never have a son of my own. I'll never hold her in my arms again. I'll never get to tell her how I feel. Yeah, the suburbs are filledwith a lot of men who have given up hope. Of course, every once in a while you do come across some lucky SOB whose dreams have all come true. You know how you spot them? They're the ones who can't stop smiling. Don't you just hate those guys?

(narrating) This is Ian. Don't really know the guy, but Susan Mayer seems to like him. The other night, he surprised her with a proposal. She said yes, but he's still a little skittish about the competition. But Ian knows that if love is war... sometimes you gotta bring out the big artillery.


Desperate Housewives Season 3 Quotes

(narrating) In every housewife's closet there's an article of clothing that tells you more about its owner than she would want you to know. It might be a shirt that she despises, but wears without complaint. Perhaps, it's some lingerie, she knows isn't hers, but refuses to discuss. Or a dress she once loved, that she can no longer bare to look at. Yes, you can learn a lot about women from what they choose to wear. You can learn even more by what they choose to take off, and who they take it off for.

Mary Alice

(narrating) Orson Hodge had always assumed that the moment before he died, his entire life would flash before his eyes. But as he fell from the roof of the Fairview Memorial Hospital, it wasn't his life he saw. It was one night in particular (flashback to the night Monique Polier got killed). Yes, Orson Hodge had always assumed that his life would flash before his eyes the moment before he died. Luckily for Orson, that moment was not scheduled for today.

Mary Alice