Good friends share more than just gossip and brunch, they share enemies too!


Lynette: Well, it turns out our new babysitter is working out too well, feel up to another tour of duty?
Mrs. McCluskey: Are you sure you want the Wisteria Witch looking after your kids?
Lynette: My kids know you're not a witch
Mrs. McCluskey: Too bad I could use the leverage

Gabrielle: So here's what's gonna happen. We're not talking to Edie anymore.
Lynette: What do you mean we?
Gabrielle: I mean we as in she betrayed me and you're my best friends so you're gonna support me because that's what friends do.
Susan: And support you, means acting like we're in junior high?

Therapist: To let one guy go, well, that's life. It happens. To let them both go, that's just stupid.
Susan: Stupid?
Therapist: Yes, that would be the clinical term.

(on Susan's answering machine) Hey Susan... um... I don't mean to bug you, but there's just so much I didn't get to say... um... I ju--... God, I'm lousy at goodbyes. Anyway, you will always be the best thing that ever happened to me and, well I hope you find the happiness you deserve. Bye. Oh, this is Mike.


Gabrielle: Good friends share enemies too, so are you with me or not?
Susan: Ehm, of course we're with you.
Lynette: We will give Edie the cold shoulder.
Gabrielle: No, no! Not cold! Frozen! I want icicles hanging from that bitch's ears.

(to Gabrielle) You are as tall as my legs. What are you gonna do?


Gabrielle: What are you two doing here?
Susan: Uh, what are we doing here?
Lynette: Well, Edie hired me to cater, so it's just business. I don't know what her excuse is.
Susan: You are so dead.

Susan: Ian, I made my choice.
Ian: But not for the right reasons. You're just trying to honor a promise you made to me.
Susan: I will get over him.
Ian: You've been trying to get over him for as long as I've known you. Haven't had much luck, have you?
Susan: Ian, I love you.
Ian: I know you do, but you love him a little bit more, don't you?

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