I don't do things halfway, and you won't go all the way, so, this sounds to me like a textbook irreconcilable difference.


I will leave you with one piece of advice from a subordinate. If you come from me, come hard. Because I fight back, and I know how to win, Mr. President.


Emily: The former president is the leak?
Chuck: Yes.

If you fail to comply, my country will see that as a declaration of war.


He's not developing nuclear weapons. He already has them, and I can give you the coordinates.


Hannah: Jun, what is it? What are you afraid of?
Jun: Him.

President Kirkman is also a man of his word, and if he promises you something, he will deliver. And I will personally vouch for that. The man is offering you the chance to step back from oblivion, and I would grab it with both hands.


Kirkman: Cornelius, thank you for coming.
Cornelius: For the record, I'm not here for you. I'm here for my country.

Andrea [about her husband who died]: He always said that when it was your time to go, sudden is the best way to do it.
Kirkman: Not for the survivors.

If the president is so obsessed with loyalty, he might want to inspire a little more in his administration so his people aren't calling me with dirt on him.


This is an absolute disaster, Lyor. We're closer to war now than we were before.


My father is East Hun Chiu leader, Kim, and if he finds me here with you, we're both dead.


Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

I promised my people that I would leave this summit with a safer East Hun Chiu, and that will happen, one way or another.


Emily: You boys are bunkies.
Lyor: I call dibs.
Seth: On what?
Lyor: On everything.