Sorry for losing my temper, but I have lost my temper.

President Kirkman

Whatever it is they're doing out here, they're willing to kill for it.


I said take your seats! Now!


Director Forstell, we always have a choice.


We're not arresting reporters for doing their jobs.


Aaron: That guy is dangerous.
Hookstraten: Which is why I keep him close.

Can we please dispense with the melodramatic pause?


I'm not asking for myself. I'm not even asking for the President. I'm asking for the country. And I'm not really asking.

President Moss

This isn't about luck. It shouldn't be good luck that keeps people safe in a movie theater or a mall or a school. This is about doing what's right and I just hope 51 senators can feel the same way.


Kirkman: Why are you doing this?
Hookstraten: Because I think you're doing the right thing, sir.

The American people like you Tom. You're an outsider and don't owe anything to anyone.

President Moss

This bill isn't about taking guns away from people, it's about making sure they don't fall into the wrong hands in the first place.