Kirkman: I have seen the one thing that will bind us all together: love."

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Can I get you a ... hospital or something?


It's not over. No victory without sacrifice.


Kirkman: I will not tolerate any intimidation of the press. Besides apparently, if I wanted, I could just throw you in jail.
Abe: Are you threatening me?
Kirkman: No. The opposite. I'm trying to tell you that I won't do that. I'm not going to try to make you do anything.

Knowing the President as well as I do, if he's holding on to any sort of secret, it's for the safety of the American people.


Nate Butcher: What do you say to all the Americans out there who are worried about a government conspiracy?
Aaron: I think President Kirkman is probably the most honest man I ever met. And I think you and Senator Bowman are trying to score political points over national security.

Please do not let our domestic issues affect our global initiatives.


I have seen you make poor judgments before but this takes the cake.


The closest thing I can offer as a guarantee is my word.


I don't think our children should be forced to choose between art and science.


I used to want my kids to have extraordinary lives but now I just want some semblance of ordinary.


Kimble, I said I would stand behind you and I meant it.