If I start looking for loopholes, I’ll look for a way to save my sister, and then I’ll drive myself crazy.


Ray: Happy Captain, happy ship.
Zari: No one says that.

Member-ish. This was always a temporary arrangement.


Zari: To see if there are any other loopholes in history that we can exploit.
Sara: We? You.

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That girl you’re trying to save is Nora freaking Darhk.


I don’t need saving... and I am done fighting demons.


That woman clearly has a crush on you.


Sara Lance... what the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into?


You cannot save this one, Constantine.


Amaya: I accidentally squeezed him.
Nate: He’s so damn huggable.

I also heard about Martin Stein, and I’m calling to express my condolences.


Martin: Where’s me?
Leo: At peace.
Zari: With your family... for the holidays.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Quotes

What the hell does this Randall guy got to do with us?


Snart: Stein. What are you doing here?
Stein: I'm as ignorant as you for once.