I'm already a blind, time-traveling paragon who can see the future, so might as well just add wannabe god to the list.


Ava: Oh my god. Sara was right. This dog is making us go crazy. This is absurd. This is more absurd than that StabCast I did on the Son of Sam.
Gary: Wait, uh, what does Son of Sam mean? Cause I feel like Gary Jr. kept saying that to me in his barks.
Ava: What? No. It was a guy in the 70s in New York. He killed a bunch of people and later said that a dog made him do it. Oh my god! You adopted Son of Sam's demon dog.
Gary: At least I didn't buy from a breeder!

Nate: And then there's Zari. She's from the future. She's supes cute and she can control air.
Lita: What?
Nate: Yep.

Sara: This can't be the future, alright? It's not possible.
Ava: Why? You're a Paragon of Destiny who got radiated by godly light. Why is it so impossible that you gained the gift of foresight?
Sara: Because we don't all die!

Lita: Whoa, you're the coolest professor I've ever met.
Nate: Most likely, yeah.

Ava: Are you hiding something from me?
Sara: Always.

Astra: I bet you're the only one on this ship who's happy to see him.
Constantine: Oh, nonsense. As far as this sorry lot are concerned, as soon as anyone stops trying to murder them on a weekly basis, they're best friends.

Nate: Well this says this is his emotional support animal. Signed and everything.
Ava: I don't have time for this.
Gary: I've named him Gary Jr. Oh, he's made a tiny tinkle.
Zari: Ew.
Gary: He isn't ship broken. Junior! He's usually a very good boy. Everyone watch your step.

You know, it's funny, I'm usually an expert at getting things out of my head. Boyfriend cheating on me with my assistant/best friend? No time to cry, I have a fall fashion line to plan. Overhearing my mother tell a friend she's embarrassed her daughter is so shallow and self-absorbed? Definitely can't process that. I will check my CatChat analytics. But my baby brother dying because he was trying to protect me? There's nothing that can get that out of my head.


The one thing I learned is the only way to keep going is to take control of your life. Stop letting everybody act like they know what's best for you and make your own choices, you know?


Nate: I feel like somebody has to ask you. Are you one hundred percent certain you want Gary to take you to hell?
Gary: I was kinda wondering the same thing.

Constantine: So, uh, your superpower is that you're sort of popular?
Zari: Aw, calling me sort of popular is like calling da Vinci sort of a genius.