Stein: Thank you Mr. Palmer!
Ray: Seriously?! It's DR. Palmer!

Ahhh. Dollar beers. Ya gotta love the '70s. Who wants to listen the Captain and Tennille? My mother played it. A lot.


Ray: You sure it's OK to leave these two unsupervised on a time machine?
Mick: Hey haircut! Deafness wasn't one of the side effects.

Mick: Whatever you roofied you with, I'd like some.
Stein: I didn't *roofie* him.
Mick: Oh, I ain't judgin'.

I died once. At least the world thought I did. You know what happened? Nothing. All the money, all the buildings, all the inventions. The world didn't care. My life ultimately didn't matter. Rip is giving me the chance to help save the world. I have to take it.


Snart: Stein. What are you doing here?
Stein: I'm as ignorant as you for once.