Behard: I'm back!
Zari: Hey, Behrad. Did you remember the gray mush like I asked?
Behrad: I got the green mush, the purple mush, the sticky mush, the slimy mush, and I forgot the gray mush.
Zari: You forgot the gray mush?
Behrad: I forgot the gray mush!

How could it be wrong? The Fates give everyone food, and shelter, and television. You don't want a world that looks like these history books, do you?


Get in losers. We're going Looming!


You're making a huge mistake! What sentient zombies are this well-dressed?


I got the rings. We make an amazing team. We should have our own spin-off! Gideon and Gary having adventures, solving problems, and saving the world!


Ava: Okay, fine, but this is only temporary because as far as I am concerned, we are co-captains for life.
Sara: Always.

Astra: I'll join you. But I have some demands.
Lachesis: Demands, really?
Astra: Yeah. Now I've experienced life on Earth again, some things have gotta change, like prunes. Disgusting, I want them gone. And dogs? They should stay puppies forever. Oh, and there's just one more thing. I want to bring my mother back to life.

Look, when I joined the Legends, I was a punk, alright? And there wasn't a rule that I couldn't break. And guess what? I still am. I just don't need to hurt people to survive anymore because I have them.


Lita: Do you have a man crush?
Nate: No, it's unrequited.
Lita: You should tell him.
Nate: Shut up.

That's Dion. He was the head of the Sigmas when I was in school. The guy hasn't aged a day. We have so much in common.


Man: Where did you study?
Mick: Iron Heights.
Woman: Haven't heard of it.
Lita: It's a super prestigious art school.

Ava: This book says that Merlin used the Philosopher's Stone.
Charlie: Pshh, that thing's as real as Santa.
Nate: Shh, Gary's in the room.
Gary: What?