Zari 1.0: I just wish...I wish I was leaving you with some, something.
Nate: You, you are. And you have. I mean, I lost everything at Heyworld, all of our memories. But you brought those back to me. And now I get to remember the woman I love forever. No regrets.
Zari 1.0: No regrets.

Sara: Sometimes a mistake is really just destiny.
Charlie: What, you learn that being a Paragon?
Sara: No, I learned that being a person.

Ava: What's the "Thong Song?"
Nate: Seriously?
Ava: "She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck. Baby move your butt, butt, butt."
Nate: "I think I'll sing it again!" Man, screw the Fates. That is a spring break classic!

You know, if you make life bleak enough, people become so focused on survival they forget they can revolt.

Zari 1.0

Zari 1.0: Yeah, well, our ride is still very much MIA, so don't destroy the Loom until we find the ship.
Zari 2.0: She has a weird voice, right?

Ava, life is beautiful and terrible, all at the same time. But if we're only living part of it, then we're not living at all.


Constantine: Astra, look at me. What have I got to show for myself? 38 crap years of pain and broken promises. You want to know what my original sin was? It was you, Astra. I rail against the angels and the demons for being arrogant bastards, but I'm worse than the bloody lot of them. You know, I thought that I could use your innocent soul as a bargaining chip to save your mother. Bollocks. If you're happy here, then I will spend an eternity as ruddy Mr. Constantine trying to make it up to you and Natalie.
Astra: Is John Constantine really capable of such a selfless act?

Zari: Hey.
Nate: Hi.
Zari: You found me.
Nate: I'm never gonna lose you again.

You guys were heroes. But it's not because you do magic or because you have superpowers, what makes you guys special, what makes us special, is that we're just a bunch of misfits who are trying to make a difference. That is what we need right now.


We are on public access. This is a career-killer!


Oh, it is grand to see lady adventurers in pantaloons!


Nate: I got an audition to play Robin Hood in "Arrow," a show about a vigilante!
Zari: Mm, sounds dumb.