Allie: My friends used to admire how much I could drink and still be standing. Pathetic, right?
Nicole: I was pretty good at that way back when.
Allie: Yeah, well, that night I didn't hold my liquor at all. I got crazy drunk and ended up with a baby. Henry doesn't deserve a mother like me.
Nicole: Do not beat yourself up.
Allie: I had it coming.
Nicole: No one has it coming.

Steve: I asked Tripp if he knew Allie was pregnant. He said he didn't.
Kayla: Allie wouldn't be the first woman in history not to tell the father.

[to John] I sat here for hours watching you hooked up to all of those machines, thinking that you might die. So, having you alive and yelling at me, I'm grateful for that. Okay? So, whatever's going on with you, you want to yell at me, I'm right here, I can take it.


Sami: It's been a rough couple of months for us.
Allie: You mean years.
Sami: Anyway. I think it's sort of in our genes, problems between mothers and daughters. It's because we're strong and we're stubborn and we don't like being told what to do and we're right. Even when we're wrong. I think it's because we love so deeply that we fight so much. There are a lot of times I thought I'd never speak to my mother again, but she was always there for me when I needed her, just like I will always be there for you. The bond between us is unbreakable whether you like it or not. I love you so much.
Allie: Mom, wait. I love you too.

Allie: You didn't give the baby a name?
Sami: I didn't think it was my place.
Allie: When has that ever stopped you?

Marlena: Until I get to the bottom of this, stay away from John.
Sami: I didn't come here to start anything.
Marlena: Sami. You've been starting things from the minute you came back to Salem.

This time, I'm gonna take care of you myself...permanently.


Jan: Oh honey, I'm always here for you.
Belle: Get the hell away from my daughter!

He went right behind my back. My own husband double-crossed me.


John: You said I was nobody.
Sami: You hate me, don't you? You have always hated me. I hope you get another blood clot.

Brady: You can't be serious. You're not going to tell me not to see my grandfather.
Kristen: After everything he put us through, you're really going to choose that old coot over me?

Kayla: I want to go home and put my head under the covers and fall apart. But I can't. I have to be strong for Hope.
Justin: Well, you don't need to be strong for me.