Android: I can have the FTL drive prepped and ready for immediate activation if things go poorly. We should be able to escape with minimal damage if the override command should fail.
Three: Assuming the engines aren’t the first thing to go, which they pretty much always are in this tub…
Android: ‘Tub’ seems a little harsh.

Android: You’re implying the memory Victor showed me is not reliable.
Three: He puts his hands in your head, and then he looks you in the eye and shows you a memory. We’re supposed to gamble our lives based on that?

Two: What’s going on?
Android: What’s going on where, Two?
Two [gestures vaguely]: Here, mostly.
Android [looks down]: My boobs?
Two: Um, yeah…
Android: Am I doing them wrong?
Two: No, it’s not that!
Android: Perhaps you could offer me some guidance. I noticed you’re very… adept at packaging yours.

It’s not so much this new look, but the very fact that I can *choose* a new look that makes me happy. Today it will be this. Tomorrow it might be something else. But the point is I now possess the autonomy to decide my own fate. What I wear is just a small part of the endless possibilities open to me. It opens up a whole new world.


It’s my understanding that what people don’t know *can* hurt them. Quite severely.


Why do you even wanna come through, anyway? Grass is always greener on the other side of the interdimensional portal?


Android (Flashback): My awkwardness amuses you.
Ryo (Flashback): It’s what I like about you.
Android (Flashback): You and the rest of the crew are self-seeking, ethically deficient, and morally barren. Yet you’re incongruously kind to me. Why?
Ryo (Flashback): Because you’re one of us.

Five: What are you doing?
Android: I’m practicing at being human.
Five: ...why?
Android: To see what all the fuss is about.

Android: I don’t know how to put it into words. Her existence somehow diminishes *me*.
Six: No, it doesn’t.
Android: I’m a lesser version of someone else. A diluted, imperfect facsimile.
Six: You’re wrong. Being imperfect isn’t a bad thing.
Android: How can it be anything but negative?
Six: Well, think of them as less ‘imperfections’ and more…’unique variations.’
Android: ‘Variations’?
Six: Sure. That’s what makes up your personality. Nobody’s perfect.

Two: Wait a minute. What do you mean, ‘our relationship’?!
Android: Well. This is a little awkward.

Portia Lin: Can I shut her eyes? This empty stare makes her look... unreal.
Das: She’s a machine.
Portia Lin [emphatically]: No! She’s not.

Three: What’re we looking at?
Android: An extraordinarily complex cipher. It would take a highly advanced mind to even recognize it, and approximately 87,560 computational hours to decode.
Two: Ten years. [The others stare at her.] Give or take…

Dark Matter Quotes

Nyx: Okay, okay, I'll come quietly. You don't have to use that thing on me.
Guard: You kidding? [shoots her with a stun gun] It's the highlight of my day.

Oh, and thank you so much for telling me how to do my job. It's greatly appreciated.

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