Marilyn: So you understand that men have their secrets.
Patty: Yes, but so do women. And I find that women are better at keeping them.

It's not a mask; what you see is what you get.


You will break his heart, and when you do, I will tear your face off.

Patty [to son's gilrfriend]

You step into the ring with that woman and she will cut your balls off and jam them down your throat.


I'd have worn a shorter skirt if I knew I was getting pimped out.

Claire Maddox

You've got a pretty shaky track records of your life decisions, so please just let me handle this.

Ellen [to Katie]

All you have to do is take a good look at him. Everything's gonna be OK. Just go inside and dial 911.

The Deacon (to Purcell)

There are some men you meet who are the wrong thing for you. Things start to happen and you can't help yourself.

Patty Hewes

You find that ring and you find the killer.

Daniel Purcell

Everyone's looking to play an angle.

Patty Hewes

You just wanna arrest Patty Hewes... I want to destroy her.