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Bobby: There's nothing dishonorable about making sure that every single rule and regulation is followed to the letter of the law. Is there?
Nicolas: Take your best shot Mr. Ewing.
Bobby: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Let me guess. Self righteous party of two.

John Ross

I may be drunk on power but you, you're just drunk.

John Ross

You would cheat on your wife and start a war within this family just to get your deal done, wouldn't you. You're trying so hard to fill JR's shoes. You've become drunk on power.

Sue Ellen

Hey Mama. If you're going to betray me you do it to my face. Don't stab me in the back.

John Ross

How hard is it to get the Ewing boy to drop his pants?


Harris: 3am. The witching hour.
Judith: I would turn you in to a newt if I could.

Never let a man screw you for nothing.


John Ross degrades you. If you think that's love then you are a worthless creature.

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