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JR: Son, you've got the devil in you.
John Ross: Takes one to know one.

You're not the first Pam to fox her way into the hen house. I'm one for one on flushing out Pamelas and I plan on being two for two.


For the first time in his damn life JR was the lesser of two evils.

Sue Ellen

I'm just here to look my enemy in the eye and since your daddy's about two feet shorter than me, I guess you'll have to do.


I brought my lawyer so he could stop me from doing something stupid like ripping your head off.


Give me a couple of days to work the state attorney. I'll make sure that twit never presses charges.


I'm forking the shares over to my father and he's going to hang them over JR's head like they're mistletoe.


The best decision you ever made was the day you walked away from me.


Love, hate, jealousy. Mix them up and they make a mean martini.

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