You have far more bald professionals than the average person.


Larry: You know how bookstores make you feel stupid?
Jeff: Yeah.
Larry: Well health food stores make me feel really unhealthy.

(seeking outfit approval) Is it too 'Knot's Landing'?


Cheryl: (to no one in particular) You Goddamn fucking son of a bitch!
Susie: (thinking she's being addressed) Fuck you, you car wash cunt. I had a dental appointment!

Larry: (on the manger scene) So you can put all this junk on a trailer?
Joseph: It's not junk, but we do put it in the trailer.

Becky: You ate the baby Jesus and his mother Mary.
Larry: I thought they were animal cookies.
Becky: Jesus Christ is not an animal!
Larry: I thought he was a monkey.

Mary: Kill him, Joseph, kill him!
Larry: Shut up, Mary!

Waiter: Do you want your first tip back?
Larry: No.
Waiter: Okay.
Larry: I'd like my second tip back.

Krazee Eyez: I'll snap off your neck with a crackle and a pop.
Larry: Oh, I like the Rice Krispies thing, yeah.

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