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Maybe someone pushed this kid over the edge.


Finn: How do you do it?
DB: Do What?
Finn: Never lose faith.
DB: Some things I hide better than you do.

What are you going do, make your son pay for your sins.


Finn: What are you doing out here? Communing with the stars?
DB: My phone is communing with the charger.

DB: I'll have Morgan call maintenance.
Hodges: She might dial the phone a little faster if you omit the part about me being in here.
DB: What, are you guys in high school?

Finn: You know the rule, if we don't find this kid in 3hrs, he's dead
DB: If the lights don't come back on, we'll find the kid in the dark.

Hodges: What part of "Hold the door" did you not understand?
Henry: I understood all of it.

Finn: Cause of Death "Terminal Stupidity"
DB: Cause of Death "Karma". Guy steals house, house kills guy.

Finn: Red shoes.
DB: I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

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